Thursday, December 28, 2006

Re-upped Material

I have re-upped Material - Seven Souls.

Go check it out.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Firesign Theater

Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death
Rhino Records

Firesign's return after decades of no real new ensemble albums together. This time around, it's all about the hysteria of the (then) impending end of the century, the Y2K conundrum (remember how that was going to end the world?) and bad, bad commercial radio.

From Wikipedia:
It takes the form of a fictional radio broadcast on the night of December 31, 1999. Radio Now is a radio station in FunFunTown whose format changes approximately every hour at the slighest whims of overzealous market researchers and focus groups. The album chronicles Radio Now's attempt to operate normally on the final day before the year 2000, a day riddled with apocalyptic omens, rampant computer errors, and dangerous doomsayers...

...Given specific focus on this album is the Y2K bug. The album, made in 1998, thoroughly lampoons the various world-threatening results which were being predicted from the widespread software defect at that time. Aside from Y2K, topics given satirical treatment include the Y2K bug, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Joe Camel controversy, and the Art Bell radio show...
Many old Firesign characters are there, as well as some new, current cultural skewerings. Some of this doesn't age so well, having crossed one cultural, consensus reality tunnel and well into another, but it is still a hilarious and intellectually rewarding comedy experience in these Dane Cook/Larry the Cable Guy times.

Radio Now!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Have re-upped Laibach Peel Sessions

It was over here, remember?

More re-ups and perhaps some new stuff soon.

I'm on vacation 'till after the holidays.

Woo hoo!

Firesign Theatre

Dear Friends
Columbia (Original Masters Series)

Originally released as a multi-LP set, this compilation offers some of
the best bits from their syndicated radio program, Dear Friends that was condensed from a twelve hour LP package sold to radio stations across the US in the early seventies.

No standard characters or long sketches, just four guys sitting around a table and messing with our - and each other's - minds. The largely improvised verbal jam sessions will tie your brain in knots like a pretzel. Falling asleep with this playing will severely tax your ability to maintain any semblance of normal human cognition the following day.
This is probably the rawest (philosophically speaking) form to experience the power of the hellish brains of Ossman, Austin, Bergman and Proctor, still at it after forty years.

Toad Away.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Various Artists

It's Finally Christmas!
Tim Kerr Records

A great, Portland only (I think) compilation of rock covers of traditional and new original Christmas songs, with a Hannukah song thrown in for good measure (by Calamity Jane). The first two or three songs are almost enough to put you off of the concept, but Dead Moon (RIP!) redeem the whole affair and it picks up considerably. Sadly - Dead Moon are no more and The Dandy Warhols live on with virtual impunity.

All your great Portland heavy hitters are there; Poison Idea (RIP), Caveman Shoestore (MIA), Hitting Birth (now King Black Acid - currently being reborn), The Oblivion Seekers (cool, semi-rockabilly band) The Whirlees (who make The Grinch rock!) and of course, what would Christmas be without Smegma?

There's many music styles and genres represented here and lyrically the songs range from irreverent to beautiful and more than one are gloriously messed up. This was released in 1994, so many bands and/or members are defunct/deceased.

I'm not a big Christ-fan, but I want to wish all my Kill Ugly Radioheads a happy holiday season, whatever you are.

Get Christmas

1. Merry Christmas To Me - Swoon 23
2. Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Pond
3. Little Drummer Boy - Dandy Warhols
4. Christmas Rush - Dead Moon
5. Christmas Time Is Here - Meg Hentges
6. Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Poison Idea
7. Christmas In The City - Oblivion Seekers
8. The Grinch - Caveman Shoestring
9. Little Drummer Boy - Hitting Birth
10. I'm Mad At The Fatman - Ray And Clover
11. Christmas Dressed In Blue - Iceburg Slim
12. Hey Santa - Flaps Down
13. I Wonder As I Wander - SVELT
14. Hannakuh Song - Calamity Jane
15. Ave Maria - Sugarboom
16. Happy Holiday - Smegma
17. Rebel Jesus - The Violets
18. Shoplifting You Something For Christmas - New Bad Things
19. The Grinch - Whirlees

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Women Take Back The Noise

UBUIBI recently hosted a 3-day live experimental music series (December 8-10, 2006) that featured a worldwide selection of artists from the Women Take Back The Noise compilation. Each night of performance focused on one of the themes from the 3-disc collection: ORGONAUTA, SCHEHERAZADE & VOCIFEROUS featuring works by the artists in their own unique style & interpretation, reflecting the mood of each theme.

The event took place at 21Grand Arts Space (Oakland CA) and was co-presented by KUSF radio (San Francisco CA). There were several other live events that corresponded with the live series, including a showcase evening of performances at Luggage Store Gallery (San Francisco CA) and live radio performances on local bay area stations KUSF, KFJC, KPFA and in the UK on Resonance FM, hosted by Fari Bradley, who is also one of the 47 artists on the WTBTN compilation.
This has been a labor of love by Big City Orchestra member and noise Goddess Ninah Pixie. The three-disc compilation of nearly fifty female noise/art/musicians comes in a beautiful hand-made package complete with circuit-bent noisemaking adornment.

Check it out here.

The live, in-the-studio radio shows are great, too. I have been listening to the streams and archives.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hi all.

I have re-upped the following:

Chu Ishikawa - Tetsuo soundtracks

Flipper - Sex Bomb Baby

Killdozer -Intellectuals../Snakeboy

There may have been more - I've been doing them as time (and bandwidth) allows.

There's been a request to re-up the Consolidated/Emergency Broadcast Network/Disposable Heroes mega-post, so I will when I get a little more downtime.

Andreas Ammer and F.M. Einheit

Deutsche Krieger
Invisible Records

Here's one I've been looking for for years. It's yet another strange collaboration between Einstürzende Neubauten's Einheit and playwrite Andreas Ammer. It tells the story of three influential Germans through grammaphone, radio and television recordings accompanied by Einheit's blippy, bleepy electronics. The three chapters - "Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive", "Adolf Hitler Enterprise" and "Ulrike Meinhof Paradise" all contain audio verite from their titular character's respective eras; shellac records of Wilhelm II's mobilization speeches and contemporaneous wax records; the story of Adolf Hitler told entirely through radio broadcasts; the suspenseful action saga of the Baader/Meinhof gang -starring supersexy Ulrike Meinhof - as a television drama, complete with 70's disco music. Music samples of Kraftwerk, Bernard Hermann and what is either Blixa Bargeld's patented dentist-drill shriek or just Blixa's dentist drill abound.
Like other Ammer/Einheit recordings (Radio Inferno, Crashing Aeroplanes) it's simultaneously horrifying and hilarious.

01 Kaiser Wilhelm Overdrive Vorspiel Das Fünfte
02 I. Akt Sprechmaschine
03 II. Akt 01.08.1914, Königsschloß
04 III. Akt Schlachtfeld
05 IV. Akt 09.11.1918
06 Adolf Hitler Enterprise Vorspiel Der Fünfte
07 I. Akt 30.01.1933, Radio
08 II. Akt Sender 1212
09 III. Akt 24.12.1941
10 IV. Akt 08.05.1945, Bunker
11 Ulrike Meinhof Paradise Vorspiel Die Fünfte
12 I. Akt 02.07.1967, Fernsehen
13 II. Akt 14.05.1970
14 III. Akt 08.05.1976
15 IV. Akt 18.10.1977, Requiem

Download here (rapidshare)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Various Artists

Die Sechziger:1933-1963 Lieder des Europäischen Widerstandes Gegen den Faschismus
Unknown Label

Nice comp. that's apparently on a German label that collects lots of anti-fascist and Partisan songs from WWII and beyond.
Wish that it included more Yugoslavian Partisan songs. It's interesting to note that most songs come from not just occupied countries, but Germany itself. Fascinating.

I've had this for a while and don't remember from whence they came, but did a little research and corrected the filenames and ID tags, which were a nightmare.

Download Die Sechziger

Cross your fingers kids, my upload speed appears to be back, but I'm still experiencing blogger-burnout, so there's no telling how often I'll post stuff.

Enjoy, Comrades!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Out of Order - Use Stairs

Sorry folks, but until I resolve my problems with my ISP, there won't be any updates or re-ups for a while.

I am not only getting consistantly slow speeds, but found that they have throttled down uploads, making album-sized zips nearly impossible. I am speaking to half of Southern Asia all about it, but to no avail. And being locked into an annual contract means I can't take my business elsewhere.

Plus, I've really reached that saturation point with music where I'm not doing other things - especially creative stuff. So maybe this is happening for a reason. Sorry to the many who have emailed or commented for a particular album. It might happen, but I can't say when. Please do check in, as an alternative solution may present itself, or I might feel inspired to blog about other blogs.

Not the end, but the start of something else.