Monday, January 01, 2007

Various Artists

Dangerhouse Volumes 1 & 2
Frontier Records

Nice pair of compilation CDs from Frontier (released in 1991 and 1992) of the complete run of Dangerhouse punk singles from 1977 to 1980. Some of the artists involved are The Avengers, The Dils, Black Randy The Metrosquad, The Weirdos and X, as well as some lesser known bands such as The Randoms, Howard Werth and Rhino 39.
It's interesting to hear the genesis of LA punk, which seemed richer in variety and artfulness than it would later become. Many bands seem to feature interchangeable members. This is good music to listen to while reading We Got the Neutron Bomb, a great testimonial, Studs Turkel-type tome about the birth and death of LA punk.

Tracklist Volume One:
  1. Randoms-Let's Get Rid of NY
  2. Weirdos-Solitary Confinement
  3. Black Randy the Metro Squad-Trouble at the Cup
  4. Deadbeats-Let's Shoot Maria
  5. Eyes-Disneyland
  6. Dils-Class War
  7. Avengers-We are the One
  8. Rhino 39-Prolixin Stomp
  9. Bags-Survive
  10. Alley Cats-Nothing Means Nothing Anymore
  11. Howard Werth-Obsolete
  12. X-Los Angeles
Download Volume 1

Tracklist Volume Two:
  1. Alley Cats - Give Me A Little Pain
  2. Alley Cats - Too Much Junk
  3. Eyes - Eniwetok
  4. X - Adult Books
  5. Weirdos - Neutron Bomb
  6. Black Randy - Idi Amin
  7. Black Randy - I Slept In A Arcade
  8. Bags - Babylonian Gorgon
  9. Bags - We Will Bury You
  10. Rhino 39 - Xerox 12
  11. Rhino 39 - No Compromise
  12. Avengers - Car Crash
  13. Randoms - ABCD
  14. Dils - Mr. Big
Download Volume 2


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