Sunday, December 17, 2006

Women Take Back The Noise

UBUIBI recently hosted a 3-day live experimental music series (December 8-10, 2006) that featured a worldwide selection of artists from the Women Take Back The Noise compilation. Each night of performance focused on one of the themes from the 3-disc collection: ORGONAUTA, SCHEHERAZADE & VOCIFEROUS featuring works by the artists in their own unique style & interpretation, reflecting the mood of each theme.

The event took place at 21Grand Arts Space (Oakland CA) and was co-presented by KUSF radio (San Francisco CA). There were several other live events that corresponded with the live series, including a showcase evening of performances at Luggage Store Gallery (San Francisco CA) and live radio performances on local bay area stations KUSF, KFJC, KPFA and in the UK on Resonance FM, hosted by Fari Bradley, who is also one of the 47 artists on the WTBTN compilation.
This has been a labor of love by Big City Orchestra member and noise Goddess Ninah Pixie. The three-disc compilation of nearly fifty female noise/art/musicians comes in a beautiful hand-made package complete with circuit-bent noisemaking adornment.

Check it out here.

The live, in-the-studio radio shows are great, too. I have been listening to the streams and archives.


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