Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Open Dex of Darkness

A cool open dex of dark industrial and ambient, including a few a haven't heard of before, like Kulturkrieg. It's some really dark sounding ambient with the pre-requisite WWII samples en deutsch, that at times resembles Black Lung or some Coil.
It also has exactly one track each by Current 93 and Death in June, so you can tell where all this is coming from.
But the real suprise for me is Venetian Snares, a glitchy, experimental electronica outfit that put out the wonderful Winnipeg Is a Frozen Shithole.
The album found here is Rossz Csillag Allat Sz³letett, which apparently features lots of Hungarian samples and compositions. I guess if you think your home base is a frozen shithole, you'll yearn to be anywhere, or want to sound like it. I've had a desire to listen to more Venetian Snares ever since hearing Americanized years ago. Venetian Snares is the sound of my brain on too much coffee, late on a Friday, with multiple deadlines due.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Charles Bukowski: Hostage

One of my most treasured possessions is my cd of the late, great Charles Bukowski's Hostage.
Recorded at the height of his fame, both as a published poet and as a performer, this is a wonderful document of what a reading might of sounded like.
Here he spars with rowdy, drunken hecklers almost as often as he reads actual poetry.
Both are equally engaging and hilarious.
Here's a snippet from the original liner notes:
In Los Angeles especially, his poetry readings became parties themselves, with "poet and audience both drunk." As you'll hear on this album, fans and poet come to these readings prepared to compete. "Is there anybody tough enough here to try me?" Bukowski taunts the crowd. "try some shit, do some anger."
However, the CD - as originally issued by Wordbeat - had the entire performance as one long track, making random access or selection difficult. Perhaps they intended to reproduce the integrity of it's original vinyl release (in 1980), but it made it hard to isolate a favorite track to - say - include on a mix for friends.
Here's a version of that CD presented as segmented album, with each poem or tirade as a separate track. Where applicable, the tracks are named after the poem, or said tirade.

Download (83 megs)