Saturday, June 24, 2006

MP3 Blogginess and Too Much YouTube

Hey, kids. Long time no read.
Here's a few choice MP3 blogs I've been all over lately, but too damn lazy to post about:
White Noise. I've blabbed about them before, but they warrant multiple visits. They have added tons of cool stuff this week, including a few choice Armand Schaubroeck albums (Ratfucker!)
Belgian pal Pax has lots and lots of great electronic music, some Orbital, Praxis and even a little Django if'n you scroll down for it.
Moog Power also has lots of trippy jazz, electronica and the hands down best ever Sonny Sharrock album Ask The Ages. Snap it up before it disappears!
Dust to Dust is back with loads of updates, and nice ones too. Lots of soundtrack, breaks n' beats, some soul and right now, tons of Miles Davis WOO HOO!- one with him and 'Trane I've been looking for!).
Post Punk Junk is great and is the only music blog with a self explanatory title. Right now he's featuring that Fast Product Mutant Pop LP everyone has seen in cut-out bins in the early eighties and now wish they bought.
In a similar vein, Mein Walkman ist Kaputt is all about German post punk and new wave bands that you'd have to have been a weird teen in Hamburg or Frankfurt in the late 70's, early 80's to have known about before MP3 blogs came about. Ausgezeichnet!
Another great new find (for me at least) is Twilightzone!, right now featuring the entire album of the URGH!- A music War soundtrack. And this supergenius has strung together most of the videos via YouTube. Haa-Chaa-Chaa!

Speaking of YouTube, here's some YouTube-y tomfoolery I've run across:
Jodorowski takes us to The Holy Mountain
Buckethead meets Hieronymus Bosch
Chrome meets us in the Subway
Nina Hagen shows us how she spells relief
The Cramps show us some bits and pieces from the cuttingroom floor of 'URGH!'.
Peter Brotzman attempts to blast his spleen through asaxophone and all over Sonny Sharrock and an audience in Germany.
A Peeping Tom meets Conan and we fall in love with Imani Coppola.
Juno Reactor makes us want to watch an obscure Armenian movie (Sayat Nova).
I own two copies of the same Radio Birdman album, and now I know why.