Friday, October 06, 2006

U.S. pushes Russia in WTO talks to close MP3 site

Russia should shut down a pirate music Web site that is robbing U.S. recording companies of sales if it wants to become a member of the World Trade Organization, the top U.S. trade official said on Wednesday.

"I have a hard time imagining Russia becoming a member of the WTO and having a Web site like that up and running that is so clearly a violation of everyone's intellectual property rights," U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab told reporters after a speech to a services industry organization.

Schwab's call for the Web site to be closed came as the United States and Russia are trying once again to reach a deal on Moscow's 13-year-old bid to join the WTO.
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Blogger MoogPower said...

I've got no idea about this Russian site, but it's about time your gov't tackles some real serious issue like Global Warming. For too long your media has been stifled by BIG oil & BIG coal companies & your country isn't receiving an honest & open scenario of what is without doubt happening now - there is virtually NO doubt about this by the greater scientific community (peer reviewed) the world over.

You need only read (peruse if you like) a relatively conservative book by Ross Gelbspan ('Boiling Point') who himself is far from a 'greenie' radical & was as I understand an ex gov't official in the US.

Out here, currently, we seem to align oursleves with America (in terms of most things), but it's almost beyond time that if we care for our children & wish them to have a 'good life' we must act.

I might be sounding a little over the top & I am an environmentalist by University degree, but as with most things your country must lead the way & not pretend that this is not happening or WORSE that good can come of this (global warming).

I don't know why I decided to mention this here, I guess the insignificance of this mp3 site business made me think how so much more of vastly significant proportions is being overloked (in your press).

Now DO NOT get me wrong...I don't mean by you personally, but by your gov't.

Go to your local library & flick through the book. The guy also has a website, I'm yet to check it out, but my partner has. I've just fininshed his book, but have read others on the same topic...rather frightening & this issue should be receiving mainstream media rather than (for example) 'bottom-line' from various big business & their requirements to satisfy shareholders & the economic growth.

The worlds environment has no understanding of this & is not waiting. Just look at recent past extreme weather events (in your country & subsequently the way insurance companies have decided to tackle this situation; that alone should give most people a clue.

I hope I haven't been too 'heavy' & have tried to keep things rather succint without going over the top.

Best out...

6:38 AM  
Blogger Chardman said...

I hear you Moog.
Our government's priorities are all about protecting big business and little else.
And despite what they like to call themselves, the bastards in power here aren't conservatives; they are free-market radicals. They have found a way to harness the righteous indignation of christian conservatives with the interests of the nation's uber-capitalists to spawn this Pax America bullshit - planting a corporate/state flag wherever we see resources and declaring anyone who'd oppose us as terrorists. Our president recently ended the process of Habeas Corpus, declaring that he can jail anyone at any time, indefinitely.
America is currently controlled by a tiny, superwealthy minority who enjoy total representation by our major media system. So while nearly 70% of our population despises Bush, the media continues to do damage control for his failing presidency.
It's looking hopefull for our next two election cycles, but at best we will still get candidates that our only marginally better than Bush.
Al Gore's movie on global warming is playing to ever-increasing audiences all the time (which is nice), but even he seems to let big business off the hook in this movie and makes it seem like all the burden of tackling CO2 emissions and oil consumption are on the average consumer, rather than big industry.
I'm sure he didn't want to alienate the business community in order to get such wide circulation.
On thing that needs to happen in America is for more people to get out and vote. Less than half of our electorate bother to do so. This is the kind of representation we get.
People here also need to turn off the TV and read books and think, go out into the community and engage one another. I really cringe when I think that people outside of Fort USA watch our TV programming. It is a constant barrage of fear and want that says "You don't have enough, you aren't good enough and you're in constant damger".
I am glad to see that not everyone thinks that we are reflections of our ignorant and dangerous leadership, but also understand people outside of the US's frustration towards us in terms of how we could allow this to happen.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you ever use any of the russian mp3 sites, get a one time use credit card number. there is a lot of credit card fraud.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Yes, Anon, I am more than a little paranoid about that myself. I noticed that some RUMP3s are starting to take (or maybe they always have) direct credit card payments in leiu of a third party pay system (PayPal, ChronoPay). I wonder if that's a good idea. I scrutinize my bill monthly for that very reason, and make sure that no new cards have been issued in my name.
It's a scary thing.

9:32 PM  
Blogger MoogPower said...

WoW Chardman - thank you for the long & very articulate reply. I am rather speechless, you've seemed to cover many 'failings' in a clear & insightful manner. Appreciated.

This business about voting in your country; it's a shame that it is not compulsory as it is out here & most other countries that I'm aware of?

Whilst big dollar advertising campaigns sucker a vast majority into whom they should vote for, there should always be a balance in power, otherwise & quite obviously little more is left than a dictatorship.

An opposition party needs to be strong, so they too can have a voice & that the party of the day cannot rule outright, but at least with various checks & balances in place.

I cringe with the thought that the process of Habeas Corpus has been virtually quashed at least in terms of 'suspected' terrorists. From my understanding this is against your constitution, but also that of the Geneva convention. Look at what has been happening to the Australian David Hicks. It is an utter disgrace & while the British have all of their citizens returned we (Australians) as 'subjects' of Bush leave him in detention. Shameful.

I heard Bush in the past day or two saying that he plans to have your troops in Iraq until 2010 at least.

As things are going now this will proove far worse than Vietnam. Weapons DO NOT stop people fighting they only exaccerbate the situation. I'd hate to think how many additional people have joined the 'fight' against the coalition because they simply do not believe in this kind of foreign milatary domination.

Woahh...'nuff from me...was just stopping by to thank you for your thoughts here. No doubt I could write pages on the subject. Let me fininsh by saying that Bush is one of the worst Presidents the US has ever had & what's furthermore it was somewhat fraudulent how he came into power anyway.

Let's hope there is some light at the end of this grim & dark Bush tunnel.

Best to ya...


3:46 AM  

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