Saturday, September 30, 2006

Updates and cool finds

Hi everyone.
How are you?
I'm feeling alright. Enjoying a very casual Saturday, eating hot Indian curry and posting.
Been doing some thinking about reorganizing the way I do posts and uploads. I noticed quite a lot of downloads but not a lot of comments, other than problems with unzipping. I don't know what I can do about the latter, but the former makes me wonder about putting up a password. I just want you - my loyal readers - to be able to download my shares, rather than let folks sniff them out the back door. Let them suffer through my long-winding posts just like 'yall.
What do you think?
I'm also not sure what to make of Rapidshare's impending shortening of share shelflife. It might really change the whole Sharrity blogosphere considerably. Any thoughts or ideas on that?
Also, if you find that one of my shares has expired, be sure to say which one when commenting. I have blogger enabled to tell forward comments to my Email, but it doesn't always tell me which post it comes from. So often I get an anonymous request to re-up, but don't know which file. It speeds up the process for both of us. I will try to re-up as soon as I can, but will probably only do it on a request basis, unless it's one I feel got lost in the shuffle and should be heard.

I just got through watching The Devil and Daniel Johnston, so may post some. It's a very moving film which I recommend. I was always kind of on the fence about his music, but now find that I like it a lot.
GPOD has it as a bittorent, if you are so inclined.

Are Friends Electric has been posting some very cool late eighties/early nineties dance/industrial, including a band I've been looking for and - until now - not been able to find: Tackhead. He just put up one of my lost faves Friendly as a Handgrenade. I was looking for this stuff when I did my feature on bands like Consolidated, EBN and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, as they're very much in the same milieu. He's got the goods here.

Mr. Lo-Fi Jr. has got another fantastic contender for the title of Ugly Atonal Eighties, with Madison Wisconsin's Tar Babies. I used to play their awesome We Are the New Poor incessantly. He has two albums by them, as well as a swell write-up. Go check it out.

Stefan over at Moodswings Music has been on a World music spree, sharing lots of great stuff. He even put up soem Transylvanian Gypsy music, which I find really interesting, being on a Balkan, Eastern European kick lately.

I'm also on a Cabaret Voltaire kick, and One2zero is holding. He's got their fantastic 2x45 album up, one of the last of the Chris Watson lineup. He saved me from having to rip my vinyl of it and for that I'm eternally grateful ('cuz I'm a lazy bastard).

Our favorite Evil Doer has put up another band I plum forgot all about - but who nevertheless rock, The Nomads.
They are great in a way that so many modern psychobilly bands aren't. Give 'em a listen and tell me I'm wrong.

As the season changes while we slide into October, I dark plans for this site. I will repost some scarier music, will rerun last year's Kill Ugly Radio Halloween podcast and finally put out a new one. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I want to keep it dark and scary and not let the crazy X-tian conspiracy exorcize it of it's darkness.
That's right, the War On Halloween has begun. Do you know that some schools don't let kids celebrate halloween? How will they ever find darkeness?
In that light (hehe) i was delighted to find that someone has posted Art Zoyd's Nosferatu soundtrack.
NNW list devotees One of the Lists is Bending Up has got it here.

That's it kids...
See ya real soon.


Blogger Slobodan Burgher said...

Yeah, this Rapidshare biz is going to have major repercussions in the b-sphere! At least in the sense that when yous earch for some thing you really been looking for or whatever and find that the link is dead....argh!

In a weird way it may be a kinda cool legit compromise too. I mean, it could be considered fair use or whatever to share copyright stuff but only for 10 days (if inactive).

That said, read a review of next generation mp3 players this morning and there is no sight of anything good coming. It is all stuff like being able to share music between devises but you can only play the tracks 3 times before they go inactive and you have to buy it. Also these legal download sites like E-Music etc where you must subscribe monthly and if you stop you won't be able to listen to downloaded tracks.

Its like mobilephones / cells - it is still too bloody expensive to use 'em! And this is depsite the communications revolution & spread of hi-broadband etc...

...what can you do?

But about Rapidshare - there are several other hosts to use instead of it - though I never used any of them for uploads...a good thing never lasts etc (I am a cynic).

Thanks fo rthe mention of NOMADs - going there now!

1:52 AM  

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