Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Robert Anton Wilson

Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything!
Audio Book

From this report on Douglas Rushkoff's blog, things aren't going so well healthwise for our favorite stand-up philosopher/mind-fucker Robert Anton Wilson. He is dying of Post-Polio Syndrome. Wilson turned our minds upside down with The Illuminatus Trilogy and The Cosmic Trigger. Efforts are being made to raise funds so that he may live out the remainder of his life in his apartment, without being evicted. Here's a link to a Boing Boing post with info on a Paypal fund for him, which in just one day managed to pay his rent! Or you can buy this guy's swell T-shirt (proceeds go to RAW) and become a Pope in the process!

Here's a taste of RAW's 9 hour CD set Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything! - Or, Old Bob Exposes His Ignorance, which you can buy here.
1.Religion for the Hell of it
2.The New Inquisition
I have seen the Fnords!


Blogger ZubZub said...

Hey, thanks for this. Just went and bought a shirt as well. RAW in our thoughts @ Juju.

11:07 AM  

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