Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bring me the Head of the Wicker Man

Jim from Gimmie Back My Head (the blog formerly known as Bring Me the Head ) has beat me to the punch and posted the wonderful soundtrack to the original (please!) of The Wicker Man. I was about ten minutes away from uploading it and doing a meager write-up, honestly.

Visit him here.

I agree with his sentiment regarding the remake. I think just based on the trailers that it looks insipid. I also think that changing the Summerisle character into a Wiccan-ish woman shifts the dynamic and metaphor of the movie (or my perception thereof). I liked the paradox of the idyllic pagan cult and Summerisle's apparent deception of his flock. It seemed to me to be a metaphor for the domination by either patriarchal religion or a modern political state. And in the end, Howie lives out the ultimate Christian destiny; that of a martyred saint.
The fact that the studio chose not to screen the movie for the press says scads about how well they think they did this ill-advised remake.

Anyway, this soundtrack has been unavailable for years in this form, and I highly recommend it.


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