Friday, September 22, 2006

Cabaret Voltaire

Johnny Yesno Soundtrack

Cabaret Voltaire's soundtrack to Peter Care's film I've never seen about a junky. Chances are you've never seen it either. However, it's a great all instrumental album, featuring the last of the Chris Watson lineup - if I'm not mistaken. Having Cab Volt work in the soundtrack genre lets them stretch out compositions and frees them from the constraints of rhythm and beats, although Taxi Music sounds like mutant jungle music. A nice diversion, and a last taste of weirdness before Watson left for a career in television and Mallinder and Kirk went into poppier (albiet still very weird) dance oriented music.

Johnny Yesno

BTW: The awesome one2zero has got the entire 2x45, two disc EP up for us to download. It's probably one of the best of the early dance-era CV. Check it out, as well as his other top-notch shares.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Un anonimo ha detto...
great record,but i have difficulty when i'm trying to open it with win zip:it doesn't work. it say something like"mac cos xx etc etc etc")
(normally,my win zip it works)

4:43 PM

kla ha detto...
I have the same prblem ... getting this diagnistic message from my winrar:
! C:\Documents and Settings\jeg\Skrivebord\ Cannot create folder Rembrandt Pussyhorse?creamcorn
Syntaksen i filnavnet, mappen eller diskenhedsnavnet er forkert.
! C:\Documents and Settings\jeg\Skrivebord\Rembrandt_

I reported some messages from the butthole surfer's post:
could you please re-upload the album? we love this record!

many many thanx

6:13 AM  

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