Saturday, September 16, 2006


Wine is Red, Poison is Blue
Sub Pop

Yet another Texas band (fercrissake! - is it in the water?!) is Poison 13, a Cramps n' Blues influenced unit that crawled out of the Big Boys fetid remains. Don't let the blues leaning scare you off though - it's somewhat more in the vein of Gun Club, though without the histrionics of that outfit. Poison 13's outlook was exceedingly dank, and best typified by vocalist Mike Carroll's (ex-Big Boy roadie) wounded coyote yelp. The fuzzed n' scuzzed guitars of Bill Anderson and tasteful slide work by Tim Kerr , as well as some swell bass playing, drive the swampwater tinged songs along nicely. Covers abound. Bands as diverse as Joy Division, The Troggs, The Sonics and blues standards get the P13 treatment. Doubtless this band was a big influence not only on later grunge rockers, but also today's psychobilly set.
Like a lot of the albums in this mega-post, this is a compilation of LP's and EP's of the type that lots of labels were doing in the early nineties, but stopped doing in favor of individually packaged, 'Remastered' editions. Yeah, right. Snap it up.

Wine Is Red, Poison is Blue


Blogger Michel LeGrisbi said...

i think the eighties has some of the best neglected music out may be interested in my blog, I've started posting music

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Bob Giesenhagen said...

Definitely one of the most underrated bands out there. I picked em up at a used record store on a whim and it blew my mind.

12:19 AM  

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