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Tanz Mit Laibach (EP)

In anticipation of a forthcoming Laibach Album* (Volk, due Oct. 23rd), I present Tanz Mit Laibach, the advance single from 2003's WAT. Tanz was Laibach's answer to George Bush's New World Order - or was it? As usual, you can't take Laibach product at face value. They apparently mock authority systems and methods by imitating and assimilating them. Here they praise German/American relations (and namecheck D.A.F. in the credits) with the frightening couplets:
Amerikano Freunde,
und Deutscher Kamerad,
wir tanzen gut zussamen,
wir tanzen nach Bagdad!
Stylistically the song sounds a lot like DAF's Der Mussolini and also Der Sherriff, their own Gulf War indictment. Lyrics also mention the dictator characters from Chaplin's The Great Dictator (Ado Hinkel, Benzino Napoloni). Included on this single are four rather radical remixes of the song by Slovene DJs Temponauta, Zeta Reticula and others .

EINS, ZWEI, DREI, VIER (@320 kbps)
re-upped on 10/14 (megaupload)

* I plan on upping a few rare Laibach items until the new album is out. Hopefully no one is too offended by them. Even if some folks 'get' Laibach's act, I also understand that their look, imagery and even lyrics can offend some, especially those of you in the EU. I feel that way with some Death-folk and Darkwave stuff that use Germanofilia and Nazi motifs as an overall look/sound.
Thanks for understanding.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the last LAIBACH - i love this group and i must admit you have to know the political geography of the balkans to understand their music ;

OFFER BY CHAMPALOUX , a great LAIBACH FAN (by the way i also have their full discography , including rare ep , so if you need some material , post a request here ! ++)

01 Germania
02 America
03 Anglia
04 Rossiya
05 Francia
06 Italia
07 Espana
08 Yisra'el
09 Turkiye
10 Zhonghua
11 Nippon
12 Slovania
13 Vaticanae
14 NSK


11:46 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

I think I might have everything, but I'm not sure.
Thanks so much Champaloux!
You've made my gloomy monday so much more bearable!

Do you mean that VOLK is the LAST Laibach album, as in their won't be any more?
I had that feeling about WAT, as it was so self-referential and the title track sounded like a swan song.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Salmon said...


3:52 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Hey Champaloux - you wouldn't happen to have Titan (300,000V.K.) would you?

12:28 AM  
Anonymous curious1 said...

I have't read or heard anywhere that Volk is the last - maybe Anon meant 'latest'.
I'm a huge fan too, but I have to say Volk hasn't had me jumping for joy. It's pastoral and ambient and low key - no doubt the influence of their co-writers Silence - but I love the bombast and wagenerian sound and while I'll persevere with Volk, I really don't like it much at the moment.

6:07 AM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Ditto what you said, Curious.
I was hoping for something different from their last two, but not expecting this. There isn't any one particular strong track, in my opinion.
I am mildly curious (no pun intended) what the Anglia remixes will sound like. I know a lot of recent Laibach fans will not like this very much.
Perhaps disappointment is their newest device.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous curious1 said...

I'm also hoping that some remixes might bring out a little of the (melo)drama and excitement that's so lacking in these songs. The lytical content is as ambiguous and dense as ever, but I miss the menace and threat that's usually so obvious.
I love being aurally beaten up and this whole album is sending me to sleep - I almost wish I hadn't bothered buying gig tickets for Novemeber!
Noticed that Rossiya is practically a cover of 'Go West' by the Village People/Pet Shop Boys.

Having liked Laibach almost from the start, I'm quite used to having moments like this though!!

3:25 AM  
Anonymous kristof said...

grrrrrrrrr link was dead please upload

i put my upload of laibach ? HELLO CHAMPALOUX I'M VILAINTOTO on bb ware


1. Leben Heisst Leben
2. Geburt Einer Nation
3. Leben - Tod
4. F.I.A.T.
5. Opus Dei
6. Trans-National
7. How The East Was Won
8. The Great Seal


2/LAIBACH (limited edition)

Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-1995 ( live)

Final Countdown
In The Army Now
Alle Gegen Alle
National Reservation
Mars On River Drina
Everlasting Union
Leben Heißt Leben
Sympathy For The Devil
Wirtschaft Ist Tot
Geburt Einer Nation
Opus Dei


3/LAIBACH «Anthems» [2CD SET]

cd 1

01. Das Spiel Ist Aus (5.3M)
02. Tanz Mit Laibach (7.2M)
03. Final Countdown (9.4M)
04. Alle Gegen Alle (6.3M)
05. Wirtschaft Ist Tot (6.4M)
06. God Is God (5.6M)
07. In the Army Now (7.5M)
08. Get Back (6.9M)
09. Sympathy For the Devil (9.6M)
10. Leben Heisst Leben (10.2M)
11. Geburt Einer Nation (8.0M)
12. Opus Dei (9.2M)
13. Die Liebe (6.8M)
14. Panorama (9.0M)
15. Drzava (7.8M)
16. Brat Moj (10.9M)
17. Mama Leone (7.7M)

cd 2

18. Das Spiel Ist Aus (Ouroborots Mix) (7.4M)
19. Liewerk (3. Oktober Kraftbach Mix) (7.8M)
20. Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel (Zeta Reticula Mix) (9.8M)
21. Final Countdown (Beyond the Infinite Juno Reactor Mix) (12.4M)
22. God Is God (Optical Mix) (9.6M)
23. War (Ultraviolence Meets Hitman Mix) (10.8M)
24. God Is God (Diabolig Mix) (6.7M)
25. Final Countdown (Mark Stent Alternate Mix) (9.2M)
26. Wirtschaft Ist Tot (Late Night Mix) (9.3M)
27. Jesus Christ Superstar (Random Logic Mix) (11.0M)
28. Wirtschaft (R. Hawtin Hardcore Noise Mix) (9.3M)
29. Brat Moj (Random Logic Mix) (8.4M)
30. Smrt Za Smrt (Octex Mix) (11.7M)
31. Wat (iTurk Mix) (8.7M)



01. Nato
02. War
03. Final Countdown
04. In The Army Now
05. Dogs Of War
06. Alle Gegen Alle
07. National Reservation
08. 2525
09. Mars In River Drina


5/LAIBACH M.B. December 21, 1984

1. Sodba Veka (The Judgement Of The Century)
2. Ti, Ki Izzivas (You, Who Are Challenging)
3. Sila / Dokumenti (The Force / Documents)
4. Sredi Bojev (In The Midst Of Struggles)
5. Nova Akropola (The New Acropolis)
6. Dokumenti II (Documents II)
7. Tito
8. Dokumenti III (Documents III)
9. Dokumenti IV (Documents IV)


Artist: Various (Mute)

All songs written by Kraftwerk except "Zrcalo Sveta Idas Spiegelglas Der Welt" and "Lie-Werk (3 Oktober - Fleisch Und Blut Gemischt)" (Laibach).
TRANS SLOVENIA EXPRESS is a compilation of Kraftwerk songs performed by Slovenian artists.

1. Zrcalo Sveta (Der Spiegelglas Der Welt) - Laibach
2. Robots - Coptic Rain
3. One You Love - Trans-Europe Express
4. Radioactivity - April Nine
5. Airwaves - Beitthron
6. Transistor - Data Processed Corrupted
7. Ohm Sweet Ohm - Borghesia
8. Neonlicht - Mitja, V.S. & Enzo Fabiani Quartet
9. Antenna - Z-Entropa
10. Man Machine - Strelnikoff
11. Home Computer - Random Logic
12. Model - Demolition Group
13. Kometenmelodie (part 1) - 300000 VK
14. Spacelab - Videosex
15. Lie-Werk (3rd Oktober-Fleisch Und Blut Gemischt) - Kraftbach


7/War Smash Hits


Label: Sub Rosa
Country: Belgium
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic

Arrow 1 Kong Earthling (12:00)
Producer - Kong , Tom Holkenborg
Recorded By - Kong , Tom Holkenborg
Arrow 2 Bill Laswell Black Djinn Trance (11:45)
Bass [Upright Electric] - Jah Wobble
Bass, Effects - Bill Laswell
Electronics - Tetsu Inoue
Electronics [Loop Noise] - DJ Spooky
Engineer, Programmed By - Robert Musso
Arrow 3 Silk Saw Calling N.Y. (14:10)
Arrow 4 Laibach L'Homme Arme (6:25)
Arranged By - Diabolik (2)
Mixed By - Diabolik (2)
Producer - Laibach
Vocals - Norina Radovan



Final Countdown (Juno Reactor Version - Beyond The Infinite Mix)
Final Countdown (Fortran 5 Version 11)
Final Countdown (7" Euro Mix)
Final Countdown (12" Mark Stent Alternate Mix)




01. B Mashina (5.1M)
02. Tanz mit Laibach (5.9M)
03. Du bist unser (7.2M)
04. Achtung! (5.5M)
05. Ende (5.1M)
06. Now you will play (8.2M)
07. Hell symmetry (6.5M)
08. Das Spiel ist aus (6.2M)
09. Satanic versus (6.1M)
10. The great divide (5.9M)
11. WAT (6.0M)
12. Anti-semitism (7.4M)
13. Tanz mit Laibach (Video) (48.5M)

10/ 300 000 V.K. (LAIBACH Kunst) .....Also Sprach Johann Paul 2

Also Sprach Johann Paul II.
Divine Order
Hell's March Epilepsys
Human Redemption
Proliare Proelia Domini
Resurrection Of The Kinderreich
Transcendental Storm
Zoroaster 2000 (Reces)


11/ LAIBACH ..Across The Universe (Single)
Get Back
Maggie Mae
Across The Universe



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Anonymous kristof said...

but can you upload this please thanks

2:58 PM  

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