Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hi All, Long overdue post.

Hi friends, Mr. Chardman here.
I'm so sorry for the slow down. I've been real busy. having to wrap my lobes around some heavy stuff for work.
Learnin' how to edit video, and shoot better pictures. Deadlines up the wazoo.

I have, however, acquired a shiny new hard drive, making storage and retrieval a breeze.
I had stuffed my poor ol' Mac to the gills, and didn't even have enough room to rip my latest project! I did have a clunky old USB hard drive that took as long as a it does to download a big file from the 'net as it did to transfer between it and my Mac. But thanks to Kill Ugly Radio's patron saint Ralph, I now have a beautiful new(ish) Lacie Firewire drive.
I do so love home computing, how 'bout you?
So now, grabbing zips out of cold storage will be easier, especially since I seem to be concerned with fulfilling Re-up requests, lately.
Yes, I said re-up requests. They are scattered about. I will get to yours as well, I promise.


Blogger Ego Kornus said...

good work Chardman good to hear your lacie stuff works.
i keep coming back have not real requests but we gonna see what you gonna put here.

2:42 PM  

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