Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Some MySpace finds

Yeah, yeah...
I know, MySpace blows.
You don't have to tell me.
But believe it or not, I've actually found some cool music on it, or should I say it found me.

One cool find has been Doktor Liborius & the Mutants, who hail from France.
It's consciously Residential music - indeed, members met up in the Residents fan club. They really sound like something you'd hear on one of those Ralph comps, circa 1979 or so. I dunno, this stuff is appealing at first, but could grate after awhile. We'll have to see if they put more songs up.
Check them out here.

Another is DJ Tapeslinger, who has the markings of a truly messed up individual. His tape inching, punchup recordings remind me of the audio messes I used to make to cheer myself up and annoy people around me. (make an otherwise normal recording with a cassette recorder, whilst punching the pause button on and off very rapidly, sometimes to the beat of the music).
Nice stuff.
He's right here.

I should mention that both pages feature downloadable songs.
Give 'em a listen and make comments if you dig what they're laying on you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out Synthetrix while you're there as well. Great electronic stuff!


2:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


(for fans of zorn, free jazz, improv, electronic, grind, noise, etc)


(for fans of patton, rahzel, michael winslow, feces, etc.)

6:46 PM  

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