Sunday, November 12, 2006

Black Lung

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Another from ex-Snog member Thrussell. This one takes it's cues from a supposed document found left in an IBM copier in the eighties that allegedly dealt with a secret psy-op war to control the world population. It even gets thrown into uber-wacky conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper's kitchen sink bible of the New World Order, Behold a Pale Horse, one of the goldurned unintentionally funniest books you'll ever read this side of the Book of Mormon.
But what of the music? This time around, there's greater emphasis on spooky ambiances and glitchy, repetitive electronic noises. It's not unlike having a giant, Brazilian aquatic centipede inside your skull trying to gnaw its way out, with just a dash of Kurt Schwitters. Again, many song titles are evocative of the coming psychic battle for men's minds, as with the previous album, Depopulation Bomb. There's even a pretty- albeit creepy sounding - faux-symphonic piece Prozac Parade that features samples of a phone ringing and kittens.
Someone answer the damn phone and save the kittens, for christ's sake!

Everything you know is wrong


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man,
I love your blog and am curious if you would post something on it that I would send you?
email me at:

10:06 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

It would depend on what it was, Jim.
Go ahead and post it here.
N' ya prolly oughter notter post your full email address for evil, spamflinging robotic eyes to see.
Now let's see if I can do word verification on this much lager!

9:56 PM  
Anonymous kristof said...

hello chardman

i search in my old collection of industrial cd and found lot of things , because i begin this in 1986

i dont want create a blog because i have no time for that , but if you want some industrial compil or album put the title if i have i upload


12:22 PM  

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