Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hallucination Engine

What can I say about this release?
It's the one that kicked off my long obsession with collecting all things Laswell and - truth be told - an interest in world music in general.
This album has all the primordial elements for most of Bill Laswell's future projects; a sound that is exotic to the point of being both mystical, ancient yet very modern and urban. Here Material crafts a world fusion sound that is never sentimental or pandering and seems to advocate the dissolution of borders - with regard to both nations and musical genres.
In 1993's Hallucination Engine, they've edged away from funk and reggae (and are miles away from the herky-jerky experimentalism of just- post NY-Gong Material) in favor of a poly-fusion of Arabic, Indian, North African music and contemporary jazz.
Wayne Shorter's saxophone takes center stage of several tracks and Zakir Hussain and Nicky Skopelitis' playing are also predominate features here. At the heart of this album is a William S. Burroughs piece that undoubtedly introduced lots of folks to his words and writing. John Coltrane's Naima emerges from the middle of a beautiful classical Arabic piece that features Simon Shaheen.
One of the wonderful things about Material is that no two albums are the same.
I bought many Material albums after falling in love with this one and haven't found another (although I enjoy nearly every one) that effects me in the same way that this one does. For me, this is truly a desert island disc.

Ripped @ 320 kbps

Hallucination Engine pt. 1
Hallucination Engine pt. 2


Blogger unkle said...

I love this work.
Many, many thanks man!

8:26 AM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Glad to oblige!

10:52 AM  
Blogger acoustiss said...

Looking forward to this. As ususal you post fine music ( I guess that means music that I might like ).

3:13 AM  

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