Saturday, August 19, 2006

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Hey there.
I've been finding so much cool music that I can't even remember where half of it is.
Let's see if I can try.
A great new (to me, anyway) punk blog is PunchDrunk.
He's got (some with nearly complete discogs of) Crass, Rudimentary Peni, Stranglers, Ramones and - my hometown heroes - Dead Moon.

Speaking of Punk, another one I just discovered is Hangover Heart Attack (how can you not like a blog named after a Poison Idea song?). He's got a lot of New Bomb Turks, DRI, 7 Seconds, NoMeansNo and more...
..He also does the great Real Punk Rock - The Spirit of 77- the title of which is pretty damn self explanatory. If you cut your teeth on punk and hardcore, it's well worth visiting.

Another new discovery ( I think she popped in at someone else's digs - I can't possibly remember.) is Sheila is Dangerous. I will take her word for it; nearly every Sheila I've ever known has been. But here she's got a great Masada album (507) on the download that you might wanna snap up - and fast.

Many of us have been on a Eugene Chadbourne kick , sharing what we have and finding new stuff in the process. I gave up trying to document it as it made my head hurt. If you were in our little Potluck (as we call it in the colonies), Potlatch - whatever, feel free to shout out in my comments and I'll bring it on forward.

And now for the usual suspects (not the derivative american movie):
Speaking of Masada, White Noise has up the incredible Electric Masada Live at the Mountian of Madness. Wow! This is Masada cranked up to 11, with lots of great Marc Ribot guitarwork. Check it out.
C'Est la Merde has put up a great Marc Ribot album Spiritual Unity.
Weevil Doer made of the coolest contribution to the above-mentioned Chadfest, with the EC home taped Dinosaur. many of the songs are cruder versions of the ones that appeared on Shockabilly's Heaven, but the real surprise is all of the untitled tidbits that make up the rest of it. Freeking amazing!
Moogpower has loads of cool stuff, including the great Laswell/Wobble's Radio Axiom. Dubtastic!
He also has Consolidated's great Play More Music.
Mr. Lucky (brought to you by the letter M) has got some great shares over at his non-M digs Oranj Aural.
Right now he's got up the dual Axiom compilations Manifestations and Illuminations. WOOHOO!
Post Punk Junk has just put up the entire Steven Jesse Bernstein album Prison. Run and get it now.

Posts might be light for me, I've got to go to a real potluck. In the States - someone inevitably brings one jello salad too many, someone bringing seven kids only brings a watermelon and you get sick on a combination of too much beer, artichoke dip and potato salad all percolating in you gullet.
Cheers comrades!


Blogger Korpus said...

you gonna post something of the deadmoon??
wooo now i got realy excited!!
i have to tell i have liveevil
but anyway to do something with deadmoon is great, legends!!!
good going!!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

I think I have something....
But you really ought to check out what has. It's the shit!
maybe sometime I'll tell my (true) brush with Dead Moon story.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Korpus said...

i like also it´s a tribute
i like a lot to
A Tribute To Fred Cole And Dead Moon
gonna check it ou.
and a lot of Crass there olla lala
me gusta too
young Korpus comes alive again
gracias Chardman!!
for shairing!

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Chardman!

Great, to sum up all the goodies you found!
It inspired me to post the same - although just for my Exotica finds (not everyone's cup of tea!).

I got weak to hear all these Chadbourne-stuff - I LIKE IT, don't get me wrong, but a overdose of his is heavy stuff!

Thanks for the good-work!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Evil Do'er said...

how nice to be mentioned in the same post with so many more worthy blogs,thank you so much.Looks like Mr.Lucky is going Zorn wild this week it seems!

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, if you like Steven Jesse Bernstein's Prison CD, check out the Bernstein tribute page on myspace.

1:06 PM  

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