Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eugene Chadbourne

198666 EP
Ralph Records

Just a brief little Eugene Chadbourne 7" EP this evening.
This came out in 1986 on Ralph Records and as far as I know was perhaps his only release for them. It's nicely recorded affair with a few songs we've heard before as well as a few fresh covers. Amerikka Stands Tall was updated to depict the US bombing of Libya. There's also a rural folklore horror story of The Devil On The Radio.
A few swell guests (Jon Rose on Cello and Violin and one Dr. Johannes Rosenburg on demented backing vocals) round out the proceedings.
1. Amerikkka Stands Tall (Libya Version)
2. Jesus Protects Mexico
3. The Devil on the Radio
4. You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
5. Skip a Rope
This was the last ever item that I ordered from Ralph. I didn't normally buy 7" records from them, but the prospect of Chadbourne recording on the same label as The Residents was too much of an enticement for me. I still have all the catalog/pamphlets that they mailed me over the years.

Download: 198666
(re-upped 1-3-07)

:::More Chadmania::::
Our favorite Evil Doer has put up the amazing Dinosaur tape from the endless mailorder supply house that is the Chadbourne residence. It's fucking fantastic! It contains not only the core of what would become their swan song album Heaven, but has a ton of unlisted material - much of which appears in different forms on other EC albums, most notably LSDC&W. Check it out.

Lots of our comrades have been putting up Chadbourne lately. Dorfdisco is one. Lucky at Orang Aural put up some early EC and Zorn stuff.
There are more, but my brain is too frazzled to sort it out now. Perhaps this weekend.


Blogger herr Ärmel said...

Wow, Eugene on Ralph Records, I never know, thanx a lot and please never stop your chadbourne postings,
herr Ärmel

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for all the eugenalia!

there's really no end with what this clever guy released. but, to be true, sometimes his humour makes me sick (like zappa's too) - but chadbourne is chadbourne, as jello is jello, right?

humour in music... crack on!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Sloppy Joe said...

"Lots of our comrades have been putting up Chadbourne lately. Dorfdisco is one. Lucky at Orang Aural put up some early EC and Zorn stuff."
I'd love to track some of these Chadbourne recordings down, but I seem to be hitting a lot of dead Rapidshare links and/or "you have to be invited to this." Are these still up somewhere?
Thanks so much, I'm a great admirer of the Doctor's work and a lot of the old cassettes aren't available anymore.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Emmanuel said...

Hey Sloppy
check this blog :

7:51 AM  

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