Saturday, August 12, 2006


A cool project and labour of love from everyone's favorite Pixie Ninah. This uniquely packaged limited edition compilation CD features a hand-built, repurposed and circuit-bent Noise Cookie.
The WOMEN TAKE BACK THE NOISE compilation, 3 years in the making, showcases a collection of 47 women artists worldwide who experiment with sound in various ways, ranging from ambient-organic to quirky-glitch-beat to harsh or extreme noise, as well as categories yet to be defined...

Check out WTBTN's website for step-by-step documentation of the process of creating the packaging, the artists involved, some very lovely noise-cookie sound samples and ordering information.


Blogger weirdpixie said...

Check out WTBTN's website for step-by-step documentation of the process...

I'm still working on filling in some of those steps- just haven't have enough time to breathe yet since I stopped crankin' out the noise cookies ;)

We're also going to post some mp3's of extra tracks from the artists that didn't make it onto the comp, along with instructions on how to get the original sounds to play on the noise cookies (currently they're only set to play the "bent" versions, but there's a fun way to jump the circuit back to it's original form.)

Thanks so much for the excellent mention here at Kill Ugly Radio!

2:32 AM  

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