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An early glimpse of Slovenian Industrial band and singular art rock movement Laibach.
This album serves to document Laibach's early, pure industrial period. Recorded live, it's one of the few albums to feature original frontman, Tomaź Hostnik, who left the band and later committed suicide.
Tinny and - true to the genre- discordant and mechanical, it does contain some hints of the madness to come, albiet in a sketchy manner. At times they sound not too unlike Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle circa '79.
The album also includes an early studio version of Drźava that threatens to resolve itself into a straight ahead rock song, but doesn't.
And yet there's another nearly complete concert here, this time introduced by an unidentified female announcer, sarcastically reading an apparently real newspaper editorial condemning Laibach. It makes you understand how provocative they were (and still are) at home and abroad. The music here pulses and throbs and all vocals are sung (chanted, barked?) in Serbo-Croatian. For those looking for the Germanophilic, bad European song covering Laibach, you'll either be sadly disappointed or illuminated as to their Yugo-Avant-Garde origins.

Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd pt. 1

Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd pt. 2


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