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The last (so far) in Laswell's long-running Material outfit. Not really sure what makes a project a Material release, as crews and music styles vary as much - if not more - than his solo projects. This time out, it's a straight up Hip-Hop album - and a pretty hot one, at that. Produced by Laswell along with Scotty Hard, Eddie Def, DXT, Extrakd and others. Very few other Axiom usual suspects make an appearance here.
Some notable MCs are Ramm Ell Zee (who opens and closes the thematically tied album), Kool Keith, Juggaknots, Nature Boy Jim Kelly, The Ghetto Prophets and good old Flavor Flav. Bernie Worrell and the steamy voice of Lori Carson (Golden Paliminos) make the beautifully dreamy All That Future a standout track.
This is a pretty sophisticated sounding Hip-Hop album and very trippy at times.
Bizarre sidenote: There is a Seattle art-noise band that goes by the name Intonarumori that -oddly enough - has an album entitled Material which is not to be confused with this album, but sounds swell nontheless.

"My Style Is I Ain't Got No Style"


Blogger MiltonTheMonster said...

Thanks, Chardman!

12:06 PM  
Blogger friend electric said...

I don't like this album :( reminds me of the "altered beats" compilation which features similar stuff and partly bores me


10:24 AM  
Blogger Chardman said...

I have to be in a Hip-Hop mood to enjoy this one. And I usually listen to it all in one.

10:59 AM  

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