Friday, August 04, 2006


Erotic Terrorism
Beggars Banquet

Angry, Aggro-style poly-national rock, circa 1998 from UK group Fun-Da-Mental.
Fun-Da-Mental is a radical, multi-ethnic, British, Islamic rap band formed in 1991. The style of the group mixes East and West, featuring rapping over Indian, Afro-Caribbean, and worldbeat samples. Thematically, Fun-Da-Mental is concerned with social justice, particularly in regard to Britain's treatment of its Asian and Afro-Caribbean citizens. The core members of the group consist of Aki Nawaz (who uses the stage name "Propa-Ghandi") and Dave Watts (who goes by "Impi-D"). Nawaz (who was a member of Southern Death Cult using his proper name Haq Qureshi) formed the group along with Man-Tharoo (also known as Goldfinger), DJ Obeah, and Bad-Sha Lallaman
This is an awesome album. Not nearly as Hip-Hop as some would have you believe (on this release, anyway). It sounds more like how Prodigy, Ministry or even Broken era NIN would've sounded if the members were pissed off multi-ethnic activists, and with a heavier emphasis on exotic percussion. They mixes lots of style such as Middle Eastern Chanting, Bhangra and even some African music along with audio-verite samples.
Apparently their latest album is causing quite the ruckus due to recent events not exactly improving their lyrical stance:
Even before its release, the group's latest album All is War (The Benefits of G-had) has provoked controversy over its lyrical content. I Reject is a strong rejection of the hypocrisy and immorality of the west and is a criticism of the Iraq War; Che Bin compares Osama bin Laden and Che Guevara; Cookbook DIY contains explicit lyrics about suicide bombings.
Fun stuff, this.

Demonized Soul


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