Sunday, August 06, 2006

DJ Cheb i Sabbah

Shri Durga
Six Degrees

The follow up to Krishna Lila focuses on Northern Raga style Indian music. This one relies slightly less on instrumentation and more on vocals and devotional chanting. But far from being a studied recreation of classical Indian music, some of the tracks feature modern, trippier elements such as dub, electronic percussion and treatment of traditional recordings with delay-type effects. There's also some nice audio verite included in the mix. Ustad Sultan Khan guests here, as well as others. Both this album and the previous - Krishna Lila - have companion remix albums that are also worth checking out.

Shri Durga


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1st: Thanks for the shares. Really enjoy this and the previous one!
I've neglected to Link ya up and will do so!
Thanks & Cheers!

2:15 PM  
Blogger XOEL said...

hiiii i just found a share but the link is broken
may you re-up? thanks in advance

10:31 AM  

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