Monday, October 16, 2006

The Misfits

Beware: The Complete Singles (77 - 82)
Destroy Fascism Records
(Germany - Bootleg)

A really nice little compilation that gathers all the early Misfits singles in one place.
It's a little scratchy - sounding like everything comes from someone's well-loved collection (plus some sloppy queing), and many of these tracks have been remastered elsewhere and released on quite a few legit comps, the best being the wonderful Static Age.
The earliest single, 1977's Cough Cool B/W She - with Glenn Danzig on keyboards ala The Stranglers - sounds like it was cut on one of those old carnival make-your-own-record machines, but it's an interesting glimpse of this band's genesis. There's some swell highlights represented by their subsequent singles and the Beware EP, terminating in the horrid Evillive EP, the band's nadir, where they play faster and sloppier and the horrendous recording doesn't help much.
It's all redeemed by an outtake that was never released until long after the band called it quits, The Return of the Fly, and Last Caress (from Beware), the band's finest song.

The Misfits and Halloween go together like candy-apples and razorblades.

Link and playlist in comments.


Blogger Chardman said...



01. Cough cool
02. She
03. Bullet
04. We are 138
05. Attitude
06. Hollywood Babylon
07. Horror business
08. Teenagers from Mars
09. Children in heat
10. Night of the living dead
11. Where eagles dare
12. Rat fink
13. London dungeon
14. Horror hotel
15. Ghouls night out
16. Halloween
17. Halloween II
18. 20 eyes (LIVE)
19. Night of the living dead (LIVE)
20. Astro zombies (LIVE)
21. Horror business (LIVE)
22. London dungeon (LIVE)
23. All hell breaks loose (LIVE)
24. We are 138 (LIVE)

25. Return of the fly (studio outtake)
26. Last caress (from "Beware" 12")

8:26 PM  
Blogger Slobodan Burgher said...

...Bonfires buring bright...

...Little dead are soon in graves...


3:02 AM  
Blogger ironrogercash said...

awesome, thanks for this

8:56 AM  
Anonymous dom said...

i like "evilive", the rawness & bashed up quality & the "we pounded these guitars like jackhammers..." etc comments & henry rollins' "vocals"! it was the first misfits i heard.

11:50 AM  

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