Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sharrity Report

All this crazy uploading has made me neglect Kill Ugly Radio's other function: to point at other people's stuff.
Some cool stuff out there:

Dust to Dust has sprung from the grave with a vengeance, with more soundtrack mayhem. He's got up Dolemite, Willie Dynamite, Death Wish (Herbie Hancock!), Conan (Basil Poledouris), The Crow Soundtrack (not the ubiquitious rock soundtrack) and my fave, THX-1138 by Lalo Schifrin. Too freaking cool!

Roggelstroe has got an amazing array of stuff for you, including several David Sylvain albums and three - count 'em - THREE - rather hard to find Resident albums (Fingerprince, Duck Stab and pre-Meet the.. Baby Sex!).

Stefan over at Moodswings has got a few collections of minimalist composers (Reich, Riley, Glass, etc.), Bootsy's new Zillatron (great!) and approximately 23 tons of Mingus! How's that possible, you ask? The internet, that's how!

Dorfdisco has got up my all-time favorite Eugene Chadbourne album, LSDC&W. If you only own one EC record, your wife will be happier than if you owned five. And this should be the one to own, as it's a great sampler of this guy's completely off the hinges discography. I kept meaning to rip my copy, but then, I'm a lazy bastard.

And right now, GPOD , your one-stop-shopping-place for reality hacking audio and video - has got an impressive array of books-on-tape (er.. mp3 player, whatever) for long waits, commutes, recovery from appendix surgery, etc..
...Lots of them are read by Michael Scott, making it easy to mash up Kafka’s Metamorphosis with The Words of Christ.
At last!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, chardman!
i've forget that, too - telling people where other good stuff is, rather than just post for post sake!

12:35 AM  
Blogger Stefan said...

Mr Lucky's right, that post is a damn good idea. I should do it more often!

Anyway, thx for the kind words Chardman!

And it would be nice of you to allow anonymous commentaries damnit! ;)

(http://my.opera.com/STEFANfromPARIS/blog/ <---that's me!)

6:41 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Thanks and thanks!
I think you CAN post anonymously now.
I overlooked it in the past, but found the setting and changed it.
I will double check my settings to make sure this is so.

7:32 PM  

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