Friday, July 28, 2006

Nicky Skopelitis & Sonny Sharrock

Faith Moves

I'd always wondered what this collaboration between these two guitar giants would sound like and now I know. Nicky Skopelitis is responsible for most of the string sounds on peak-era Material's albums, playing guitar, oud, baglama as well as Coral Sitar, a cheesy, sixties novelty which Skopelitis has mastered and forged a distinctive sound all his own.
Sonny Sharrock was undisputedly the John Coltrane of the six-string guitar. He could summon up a brain frying barrage of jazz notes one moment and the next beautiful, soulful passages worthy of Bird or Ornette Coleman, all with a fat, warm overdriven guitar tone that would've had Fripp or Santana green with envy.
This album features surprisingly upbeat, bright sounding compositions with Skopelitis providing exotic, multi-ethnic beds of music for Sharrock to solo over or at times play counterpoint to.
Fans of the nineties incarnation of Material will undoubtedly love this album as most of that era's crew is on board.

It's here


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