Saturday, May 06, 2006

Short Cuts

Hi 'yall.
I've been stinking busy, and the acquisition of DSL has meant that I'm doing a lot of playing (mainly YouTube crap) rather than reading, noting and posting. I'm lucky that I remember to sock stuff away at my page from time to time.
Here's a few cool music related entries that I deem worthy of your attention:
  • Dust to Dust: You thought Nice Guy Eddie died in a warehouse shootout, but he didn't. He hosts a cool MP3 blog, offering lots of soundtracks (horror, Italian, Giallo, etc.) as well as Hip-Hop and assorted ephemera. He's got a couple of soundtracks that augment previously released ones, the most notable being Dawn of the Dead The Original & Unreleased, and a Ghost Dog soundtrack that has the rest of the music heard on that movie, as well as additional dialogue. Check him out.
  • One Of The Lists is Bending Up: In addition to offering lots of noise and avant-skronk, is a documented attempt to post for download as many items from the infamous Nurse With Wound list as possible. Stroll on over to get the musical education of a lifetime, or become as twisted as Stephen Stapleton - whichever comes first.
  • Insects and Individuals is the more famous place for the aforementioned NWW List.
  • White Noise is (an aptly named) blog that is in the same vein as the above two, but includes lots of pure noise/experimental stuff. Some notable offerings: No New York, Smegma, Robert Ashley and some early Eugene Chadbourne and John Zorn.
  • An open dex filled with what sounds like an audio recording of a Shia Qu'ran.
  • A treasure trove of found cassette tapes with audio downloads and pictures of the actual cassette that the audio comes from. I have several giant boxes of tapes, so I really appreciate and understand this site. My brother and I were cheap tape connoisseurs and we knew exactly which brands were crap and which would last. Many name brands couldn't hold up to the same standard as some inexpensive, generic brands. To me, Memorex is synonymous with crappy sound and a short shelf life.
I don't remember how I found most of this stuff. If it was from you, props and appy-polly-loggies for no props.


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