Saturday, February 04, 2006

Scar Stuff

An amazing new blog called Scar Stuff has lots of great old kiddie records (and other types) available as downloads that will ressurect a long-lost memory or two. As a little kid I had a lot of halloween and horror records. Scar Stuff has more than a couple that I had, back then.
One featured record was called Sounds Of Terror!
Because of the record's Pickwick level cheapness, I found it creepier than others, and so didn't play it very often.
It featured Monster Mash- which I loved as a kid- but the cover neglected to tell you that it was a cover version.
Upon listening to this again after many years:
I must've listened to this record more times than I remember, because each track brought back a flood of memories:
I remember wincing and skipping past the cover of Monster Mash because I thought it was such an affront to the original. I think the Vampire track affected me because of of its kind of sexy overtones (girl moaning and sighing, vampire breathing hard) which probably made for weird mixed messages for a young lad such as I.
But I'm pretty sure it was all the Man's Humanity to Man tracks that I found especially disturbing.
And I think the Exorcism track scared me alot, which was weird- given my almost complete lack of religious upbringing. Must've been that the movie the The Exorcist was still considered so taboo, and considered by some to be 'real'.
I ended up sitting on it on my bed and cracked off a big chunk of it.
Fun stuff.


Blogger Jon DeVore said...

I don't know how you find it, Chardman, but Scar Stuff is fun.

And in the small world department, about the time that guy was a 15 year old bumming rides from Lawrence to KC to see punk shows, I was an (incredibly bad) 20 year old keyboardist playing with a reggae ensemble while also "going to college."

Wonder what other tapes he made in the 1980's in Kansas? I'm hopeful he wasn't at Megga-Kegger IV, known as "the cops crack down."

I love novelty records too. My sister and I mail-ordered our first ever album of the tee-vee, and after waiting what seemed like months but was probably only 6-8 weeks, "40 Funky Hits" arrived.

It had some truly regrettable songs, like "Please Mr. Custer," but also had a surpisingly high number of original classics, like "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard and "See You Later Alligator" by Bill Haley and the Comets.

I found this list of the songs on-line:

I'm going to come here and be your troll sometime.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Chardman said...

Troll action, at last!
Dunno what the mp3/music/junk-culture troll would be/do though.
Probably endlessly extoll the virtues of the Dave Mathews band, Coldplay, Counting Crows, etc...

I did get lots of "If you like this stuff, you should check out my band's site.." that'd take me to some gener-rock band's myspace page, or someone's (bot-created, perhaps) site about writing and real estate investment.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Jon DeVore said...

They would say something like "you are a hpocrit you say you dont like Dave Mattews but you like one song of his once so that proves that you are a librul hypocrite."

Well, maybe that would be a right-wing music junkie troll. If there is such a thing.

Would Jesus Wear a Rolex?

9:53 PM  
Blogger arturo said...

Rolex? Nah. Jesus would wear a condom.

8:09 AM  

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