Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Product Review

irock! Beamit Wireless Music Adapter (400FM)

I don't think Amazon will put this up, but here goes:
Next time just set $29.95 in cash on fire
'cuz that's the same effect you'll get from buying this useless gadget.
It is unable to push it's puny signal the six or seven feet to my car ariel. Sound when pushed closer sounds like AM radio when driving into a tunnel. Short DC power cord won't allow user to put unit up on dash, or in the case of my car, up on the rear deck in order to get it as close to the ariel as possible. When unit and radio antennae are in the same room, signal has a whining noise irregardless of frequency chosen. Complicated cord integrates device input with transmitting antennae, probably sapping efficiency and also assuring that either circuit will short out, regardless of care in handling it, meaning one channel will be intermittent or missing altogether. Have a handy friend build you a non-FCC compliant model, instead.
I wish I could post a lower rating than one star.


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