Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rest in Peace Syd

Syd Barrett is really gone now.

After many years of not really thinking about Syd or early Floyd, I had just started listening to his stuff again, owing mainly to reading a recent article about him and also lending Piper to a friend of my son's who had never heard of Barrett.
I hope he found some happiness in his solitary years and finds the peace that eluded him on this plane in the next life.

Lots of his solo albums are available here:
Syd Barrett - Wouldn't You Miss Me? (2001)
over @ Past Tense

Barrett and Madcap Laughs
@ Musikalia

Syd Barrett - Opel
Over @ Modern Music

PINK FLOYD - Early Singles (mostly Syd)
SYD BARRETT - Peel Session (1987)
Can be found at Zinhof (No permalink on their site, so scroll, baby scroll!)as well as the above albums and an audio rip of the fantastic (post-Syd) Live at Pompeii DVD!

You know the drill...
...grab 'em while they're hot, as Rapidshare files have a short shelf-life these days.

Most of these links gleaned from the imminently indispensable Totally Fuzzy.


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