Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Strange Reaction and Something I learned Today

If you are reading this post as a result of following breadcrumbs left by music-file seekers, chances are you are no stranger to these two great sites.
Strange Reaction and Something I learned Today are twin titans of forgotten punk, both offering fantastic info, sounds and cover scans of obscure and not so obscure punk gems.
Both are good places to see and hear bands who didn't quite survive to sell lots of T-Shirts in Hot Topics and to give punk vinyl collector snobs headaches.
I always thought, back in the day, that somebody would dredge up all these lesser known bands and give them the Pebbles treatment.
No one really has yet - at least CD-wise to that famous comp series' extent that I'm aware of, but this is better 'cuz it's all free - again, to the chagrin of collector snobs.
Check 'em out:

Strange Reaction

Something I learned Today


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