Friday, September 30, 2005

Kill Ugly Radio II:

Nazis in Space ('99)
Timothy Leary and Walter Cronkite host this exploration of inner space via the Moon Landing and the long suppressed LSD experiments on the moon base modeled after Mayan ruins. The astronauts soon find out that the Germans were there first, however. Yma Sumac intervenes, but to no avail. The Nazis seem to have won this round. Little Marcy experiments with ecstasy and hijacks an Apollo spacecraft piloted by Heino.
In three parts and in 3D.
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Pt. 1-Nazis in Space:,%20Yma%20Suma.mp3
Pt. 2-Acid Church W/ Anne Thraks:
Pt. 3 You Can Be a Third Uncle in Space this Time Around:

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